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Tamara Brunow
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Meet Tamara Brunow- Kowal, a highly driven female entrepreneur, and inventor with over 23 years of Construction and Government Contracting Management experience. Tamara is passionate about helping bring new technologies to the construction industry and being a change-maker in the affordable housing market. When not caring for business, she can be found hiking, reading, doing yoga, or spending time with her family. Tamara has an addiction to all things educational; reading, podcasts, lectures, and soaking up the knowledge of those that have forged paths before her. Tamara is a lifelong resident of Pottawattamie County and a strong advocate for all things that help move our country in a positive and meaningful direction.
Tamara is the founder and CEO of Brunow Contracting, LLC, a certified SBA 8(a) EDWOSB government contracting company. Brunow also owns the development company TAMCO Properties. Her projects have included developing North Ridge Acres in Hamburg, IA, the first NetZero Energy Ready Affordable Housing Subdivision applying for an Envision Platinum certification in the country. Her experience in government construction projects ranges from an ILS (Instrument Landing System) Tower Rehabilitation at the Council Bluffs Airport for the FAA to constructing Tank Firing Ranges at Ft. Riley, KS, for the US Army. Brunow Contracting also supplied and delivered the State of Iowa and various government agencies over $2 million worth of PPE during the Covid-19 Pandemic.
Tamara Brunow took her eye for functional design and construction and transferred it to the apparel industry in 2016, inventing and patenting the New Generation Sports Bra by H2W Apparel.
Tamara is a thinker and motivator who loves challenging herself to achieve great things. Whether it's construction or the development of innovative products, Tamara is devoted to positively impacting her community.
Tamara Brunow